NOVA City is a collection of real estate megaprojects in Pakistan that have, over the years, taken over the real estate market by providing people the gateway to a luxurious lifestyle. By bringing in a new market niche, Nova City developers have found outstanding success in the markets of Islamabad (Nova City Islamabad) and Lahore (Nova One). Owing to early triumphs, we are in the process of establishing another real estate project in KPK by the name of Nova City Peshawar. Showing ambition and efficiency, Nova City housing societies are bound to become the best investment decision of your life!

Nova City Peshawar

Nova City Peshawar is an upcoming real estate megaproject by Nova City Developers. Introducing themselves into KPK, Nova City Peshawar will aim to provide a sustainable and luxurious housing society to the citizens of KPK. Announced in January of 2022, the project is still in its developmental phase with its masterplan yet to be furnished completely. However, this project is set to take over the real estate market of Peshawar and KPK with its never-before-seen development plans. Stay tuned for more news in regards to the development updates of Nova City Peshawar.

The Owner and Developers of Nova City Peshawar are the reputed property developers Nova Developers Pvt. Ltd. The company is a non-government organisation that was founded in the year 1997. Mr. Junaid Afzal is the founder and current CEO of the development group.

Nova Developers possess a vast promising experience of 25 years in the real estate market. They have developed many successful projects in the time-lapse of two decades. The development group has a lucid vision to create a project with all the modern features with comfortability offered at the most reasonable prices available in the market. The company has an employment power of above 500 employees working all over the country and annual revenue of $269.4 Million.

Nova City Peshawar NOC:

The No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) of Nova City Peshawar is allegedly approved by the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA). The approval of a housing society is one of the most significant points that attract investors to that society.

The officials of the residential society have gone through all the legalities to obtain its approval. The NOC approval of the housing society makes it a reliable and beneficial investment opportunity that will be fruitful in the future.

Nova City Peshawar Location:

The location of Nova City Peshawar is prime as it is located adjacent to the M-1 Motorway and close to Charsadda and Peshawar. The Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway M-1 is a crucial route that connects Peshawar with major cities. The motorway starts from Peshawar Ring Road, northeast of Peshawar.

M1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway is a 155-kilometer long stretch with 14 interchanges at various points, including Peshawar Ring Road. The connectivity to M1 adds to the worth of the residential society. Nova City Peshawar is situated in a highly convenient and accessible location, making it more appealing to investors and property owners.

Nova City Peshawar Accessibilities:

Following are some of the convenient accessibility points of the residential society:

Nova City Peshawar Accessibilities
  •  Located adjacent to the M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway
  • Almost 5 min drive away from DHQ Hospital Road
  • Almost 7 min drive away from Mardan Road
  • Almost 12 min drive away from Charsadda City
  • Almost 13 min drive away from Charsadda Road
  • Almost 15 min drive away from Bacha Khan University
  • Almost 19 min drive away from Peshawar City
  • Almost 19 min drive away from N-5/G. T Road
  • Almost 19 min drive away from Peshawar Northern Bypass
  • Almost 23 min drive away from Mardan City
  • Almost 23 min drive away from Peshawar Ring Road
  • Almost 25 min drive away from Risalpur City
  • Almost 36 min drive away from Nowshera City
  • Almost 51 min drive away from Bacha Khan International Airport

Nearby Landmarks and Places:

Following are the nearby landmarks and places of the residential society:

  • M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway
  • N-5 National Highway
  • Peshawar
  • Charsadda
  • Mardan
  • Risalpur
  • Nowshera
  • Risalpur Airbase
  • Charsadda Cemetery
  • Bacha Khan University
  • Paradise City Nowshera
  • Bacha Khan International Airport

Nova City Peshawar Master Plan:

The master plan of Nova City Peshawar is designed skillfully by the expert team of Nova Developers. The master plan spans an approximate area of 2000 Kanal of the most premium land. Phase 1 is still going through rapid development, and Phase II has also been announced recently.

The masterplan features a wide main boulevard, interconnected roads and streets. Green belts and tree planting places are plentiful, adding to the society’s picturesque appeal. A number of plot sizes are available in Phase I for residential and commercial purposes.

Nova City Peshawar Master Plan

Nova City Peshawar Phase I Plot Sizes:

Following are the plot sizes available in Phase I of Nova City Peshawar:

Nova City Peshawar Residential Plots:

Following are the residential plots sizes available in Phase I of Nova City Peshawar:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Nova City Peshawar Payment Plan:

The payment plan of Nova City Peshawar is considerately designed for the convenience of its investors. The society pre-launched Phase I offering a 4-yearly payment plan with 40-monthly instalments and 8-half-yearly instalments. The convenient payment plan attracts many investors in KPK and across the country.

Following is a convenient payment plan for the Nova Peshawar:

Payment Plan Terms & Conditions:

Following are the terms and conditions regarding Nova City Peshawar payment plan:

  • Non-category plots are sold separately in the payment plan
  • On category plots, a 10-percent fee will be applied
  • Prices are subject to change at any time prior notice
  • Every month’s instalments must be paid by the 10th of the month
  • Developmental fees are included in the current costs
  • In the name of Nova City Developers, make a check or a DD
  • Within 45 days of booking, a 10% confirmation fee must be paid

Facilities and Amenities:

The facilities and amenities of Nova City Peshawar are up-to-date, which will keep up the with modern lifestyle. The residential society provides all modern-day essentials to create a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

The creators have a vision of providing an environment-friendly and high-quality lifestyle. They set aside a big area for the central theme park for this reason, where youngsters and seniors could spend quality and relaxing time for mental nutrition.

Eco-friendly Environment:

The developers choose a green ecological environment in the most fruitful landmarks. The serene and eco-friendly environment attracts a lot of overseas investors.

Grand Mosque:

The Grand Mosque is another beautiful addition to fulfil spiritual needs. Its modern and divine architecture is soul-soothing and calming. The Jamia masjid is in a rapid development phase.

Gated Community:

Nova City Peshawar is a secure and gated community with 24/7 surveillance. Being a gated community raises the standard of a housing society. The developers do not compromise the security of their future residents. A boundary wall protects society’s confines to keep the high-tech level of security.

Water Resources:

The owners of the residential society have kept a keen eye on the essential water resources for the housing society. Nova City in Peshawar is expected to have many water restoration plants that will provide clean water to the future residents of the housing society.

Educational Complexes:

Education is one of the major and most important needs of life. The residential society’s owners have given special attention to educational purposes. Nova City Peshawar developer is planning to develop international-standard educational complexes. The future resident of residential society could achieve quality educational possibilities.

Medical Complexes:

The developers of residential society priorities the healthcare facilities for their future residents. They have developed international-standard hospitals and clinics for this purpose. Teams of experienced and well-trained paramedics will be hired to deal with emergencies. The emergencies will be open for 24 hours of the week.

Salient Features:

Following are the salient features of the residential society:

  • Beautiful Entrance Gate
  • Affordability
  • Grand Mosque
  • Water Resources
  • Eco-Community
  • Education Complex
  • Accessibility
  • 24/7 Security
  • Maintenance
  • Boundary Wall
  • Gated Community
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Underground Electrification
  • Sewerage and Waste Disposal System
  • World-Class Infrastructure Development
  • Sports Complex with Indoor and Outdoor Facilities
  • Medical Facilities Offered by Hospitals, Dispensaries, and Clinics

Nova City Peshawar Booking Forms:

The booking form of Nova City Peshawar has been in conversation because of its exclusive and limited availability. Initially, the Nova City Booking form was available in banks only, but now it is available in the market with many real estate marketing companies. Sky Marketing has an exclusive quota of Nova City Peshawer booking forms.

Below are the names of the Banks offering Nova City Peshawar booking forms:

  • HBL (Habib Bank Pvt Ltd)
  • JS Bank
  • BOK (The Bank of Khyber)

Balloting of Nova City Peshawar:

The balloting of a residential society is a crucial step toward development. Nova City Peshawar is making the required efforts to ensure society’s growth and early inhabitation. The most recent balloting at Nova City Peshawar was done against several plots, and the results were just revealed.

The balloting was announced for Phase I, the new name for the Pakhtunkhwa Enclave of the housing society. Phase I includes plot sizes of 5 Marla,10 Marla, and 1 Kanal for residential purposes. The owners of the residential society invited all the official members of the society for the first balloting held on the 23rd of March, 2022. The balloting result was announced on the official Facebook page of the residential society.

Nova City Peshawar Latest News:

The latest news of Nova City Peshawar has made many important announcements lately. Following are some of the highlighted latest news announced by the residential complex:

  • Nova City Phase I was announced in January 2022
  • Nova City Phase I Balloting announcement on 23rd of March, 2022
  • Nova City Phase I Balloting results in May 2022

Please visit the Talat Estate website for further news updates about Nova City Peshawar.

Nova City Peshawar Development Status:

Nova City Peshawar is in a fast development stage. The development in Phase I of the residential society is almost near its completion state. The officials have also announced Phase II of the housing scheme.

The supply of electricity and water has also been achieved. The balloting for Phase I has also been performed, and many official members are ready to take possession of their desired property.

Benefits of Real Estate Investment:

Real estate investment is one of the most profitable businesses. This is because it has excellent investment return potential. But the point to keep in mind is that it will only be profitable when conducted correctly. One can gain several kinds of benefits from investment in the real estate industry. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

1. Financial Security:

If a person has some extra amount or someone has some asset, and he wants to keep the value of that asset high, then indeed, the real estate sector is the sector that can keep the value of investment high.

2. Stable Income:

A person can quickly generate a stable income with investment in real estate. For example, one can buy a property, develop it, buy a developed property, and rent it monthly or yearly. Not just this, the rent increases yearly by some percentage, so it would not be wrong to say that it gets better than stable.

3. Manageable:

Once an investment is concluded, it’s not like some living thing you have to look after daily. The maximum you will have to do is visit your property every while to ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands of encroachers.

4. Passive Income:

Once someone has invested in a real estate property, passive income like rent could be generated. Investors buy a developed property or develop an open land and then rent it out, uninterruptedly ensuring a steady source generation throughout the year.

5. Non-depreciable Asset:

Real estate investment is a business that will never lose its value once done correctly. Real estate value always increases every year. And if some significant government or private project is started in its vicinity, the value may increase.

Why invest in Nova City Peshawar?

Nova City Peshawar is a goldmine right now for the investors of Peshawar and KPK. The residential project has made an outstanding appearance in real estate, attracting many investors just a few days after its announcement. There are a lot of qualities in this housing project that make it a potential choice for investment, from its prime location choice to its affordable payment plan.

Following are some of the vibrant reasons to invest in Nova City Peshawar:

  • NOC-Approved Project
  • Versatile Property Options
  • High-Tec Level of Security
  • Providence of Basic Facilities
  • Modern and Lavish Amenities
  • Risk-Free Investment Opportunity
  • Affordable and Economic Payment Plan
  • Developed on International Standards of Infrastructure
  • Prime Location of the Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway (M-I)
  • Accessibility from Charsadda City and Peshawar Ring Road

Booking Procedure for Nova City Peshawar

Following is the procedure to follow for booking a plot in the Nova City Peshawar:

  • Visit the Talat Estate Ofiice.
  • Fill out the booking application form with full attention
  • Attach your CNIC copies
  • Pay the down payment via pay order or cheque
  • Cash payments are also accepted after the confirmation by the management

Documentation Required for Booking in Nova City Peshawar:

Below is the documentation required for booking a plot in Nova City Peshawar:

  • Two passport-size pictures
  • NICOP for overseas clients
  • Two copies of the ID card of your next kin
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card (NIC)

Pros and Cons:

Following are the pros and cons of Nova City Peshawar:

24/7 waterPerception of high plot rates
24/7 Electricity
24/7 Gas
Theme Parks/Recreational Areas
Grocery/shopping centre/Markets/Malls
Peaceful/ healthy/secure environment
Gated community with security gates, surveillance systems, CCTV cameras & guards
Very close to the central locations & other societies
The vast and well-planned carpeted main boulevard, roads, streets, lanes & walk-ways for pedestrians
Well-planned drainage & waste disposal systems
Green, innovative and sustainable housing society
Security system
Solid waste disposal mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the FAQs about Nova City in Peshawar:

Q1: What is Nova City Peshawar?

Ans: Nova City Peshawar is a housing society designed and developed to offer a unique living experience for residents at affordable costs. A team of engineers, architects, and other staff with years of experience have put their full efforts into its development.

Q2: Is it an approved and legal housing society?

Ans: The NOC of Nova City Peshawar is allegedly approved by TMA Peshawar.

Q3: Is it an affordable residential society?

Ans: Yes, there is no doubt because of the easy Nova City Peshawar instalment plans. The management has played a crucial role in balancing luxury and affordability.

Q4: Does this society has a potential high yield investment return?

Ans: Yes, because the installment schedules are affordable for families and small investors, hence, increasing the chance of high-yield investment returns.

Q5: What is the location of Nova City in Peshawar?

Ans: Nova City Peshawar is located adjacent to the M-1 Motorway and close to Charsadda along with Peshawar.

Q6: Who are the developers of Nova City Peshawar?

Ans: Nova City Peshawar was developed by Nova Group of Developers.

Q7: How to book a property in the Nova City Peshawar?

Ans: Following are the steps to follow for booking a property in the Nova City Peshawar:

  • Verify your papers and fill out your forms with the most up-to-date possible resources
  • Make sure you have a solid financial plan to pursue your investment after consulting with the residential society
  • A successful visit to the residential society’s site will benefit the prevention of fraud
  • Select property size
  • Fill out all the personal information correctly
  • Data entry of the nominee
  • Enter the payments
  • Genuine signature

Q8: How to mortgage plots in Nova City Peshawar?

Ans: The tentative step to follow for the mortgage plots are mentioned below:

  • Submit a request application
  • Pay NOC / NEC fee
  • Issue NOC / NEC to the bank

Q9: How to carry out the cancellation of files?

Ans: The tentative step to follow for the cancellation of files are mentioned below:

  • The owner has to submit a request application
  • To collect cancellation letter from the office

Q10: How to take possession of a plot in Nova City Peshawar?

Ans: Following are the tentative steps to acquire the possession of plots in the residential society:

  • Member will apply for SOD & PDCS (Statement of Dues & Post-Dated Cheques Statement) from BCD (Building Control Department) on Computer Generated Letter
  • Before applying, he must pay the possession fee and will attach the deposit slip along with the application
  • BCD will issue SOD & PDCS, and the member will pay accordingly

Now, the member will apply on the prescribed application and will attach the following documents:

  • MS letter &/or Allotment Certificate (Copies)
  • CNIC (Copy)
  • Affidavit
  • Post-dated Cheques (PDC)
  • Fee / Charges deposit slips
  • BCD will process their application and get approval.
  • BCD will approach the applicant to visit and get on-ground possession and possession letter

Q11: What is Nova City Peshawar head office contact number?

Ans: Nova City Peshawar head office number is 0333-1999507.

Q12: What are residential plot sizes available in Nova City Peshawar?

Ans: Following are the residential plot sizes available in the residential society:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Q13: What was the date of Nova City Peshawar balloting?

Ans: The balloting of the residential society was held on the 23rd of March, 2022.

Q15: How is Nova City Peshawar different from other housing projects in the real estate market?

Ans: Nova City Peshawar is an exclusive project of a reputed and well-known Nova Developers Group. The residential society owners have a solid image to provide their people with perfect investment and housing opportunities. The society’s unique feature, NOC approval and prime location makes it stand out differently in the real estate market.


Nova City Peshawar is a well-planed and reliable investment opportunity developed by the market’s pioneer construction company. The housing society is a secure gated neighbourhood with 24-hour security.

The location is unique, and the amenities are world-class. The society features international-standard educational complexes, hospitals available 24 hours, and energy and water restoration plants. Nova City Peshawar is a must avail investment opportunity that will be highly beneficial in the coming years.